Please note, due to current Covid-19 Oregon Health Authority guidelines, "in person" class sizes are limited to cohorts of 10 youth (PreK-12) per class.  Class registration is based on a first come, first serve basis and "in person" class participation priority will be given on a first come first serve basis as well. Virtual class participation is available for all our classes so if you are waitlisted, you will be given the option to attend online until an "in person" spot is available. Currently, our studio is only allowed students and employees, so parent class observation is limited to Zoom as well.  To see a list of all the precautions we are taking during this time, please visit our website
Thank you for your understanding!
Enrolling in Classes
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SUMMER 2020FALL 2020 - SPRING 2021

4:15 - 4:45Mom N Tots Mon2.5 yrs-4HH4:00 - 4:30PreBallet Tue4-6HH3:30 - 4:00PreBallet Wed4-6HH5:00 - 6:00Tap 310-18GC
5:00 - 6:30Ballet 5/6 Mon10+HH4:45 - 5:45Ballet 3 Tue9-14HH4:15 - 5:00Ballet 1 Wed6-8HH6:15 - 7:00PreTap/Tap 16-10GC
6:45 - 7:45Ballet 2 Mon7-10HH6:00 - 7:00Ballet 4 Tue9-18HH5:15 - 6:45Ballet 5/ 6 Wed10+HH7:15 - 8:15Tap 29-12GC
4:30 - 5:00PreHip Hop4-7RH7:15 - 8:45Ballet 5/6 Tue10+HH7:00 - 8:00Adult/Teen Ballet Wed11+HH3:30 - 4:00Mom N Tots Thu2.5 yrs-4HH
5:15 - 6:15Hip Hop 16-9RH5:00 - 5:45PreJazz/Jazz 16-9KM7:45 - 8:45Legacy Dance Project 2019-2020 Comp Group6 mo+KM4:15 - 4:45PreBallet Thu4-6HH
6:30 - 7:30Hip Hop 2/310-18RH6:00 - 7:00Jazz 310-18KM5:30 - 6:30Contemporary 1/210-14RH5:00 - 6:00Ballet 2 Thu7-10HH
7:15 - 8:15Jazz 28-14KM6:45 - 7:45Contemporary 312-18RH6:15 - 7:15Ballet 3/4 Thu9-18KM