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Welcome to the online registration page for Great Lakes Kids Energy Zone!  

CAMP LATE FEE:  If you are enrolling for a camp online after the Friday before the week of camp, a late fee will be automatically be charged Monday morning.  The late fee is $5 per day, per child, or $25 for an all week camp.

REGISTRATION FEE:  Please note that a registration fee is due for all students in classes (not summer camps), and will not be automatically charged.  This will be charged after you enroll and will be due before your child attends their first class.  It can be paid online a few days after you enroll, or in our office on the day of your child's first class.  The registration fee for one student is $25, and $40 for families with more than one student enrolled.  This fee is due once per year, on the month that you first paid the registration fee.  

NINJA CLASSES:  A $32 uniform is required for all Ninja Zone classes.

If you have any questions about classes, please call our office at 248-236-9600 or email us at office@greatlakeskidsenergy.com

Have a great day!