Please ensure you read the policies and procedures below.  They include important information that you are agreeing to understand by registering in one of our programs.  At the bottom, you will see "Enrolling in Classes" to continue.

Full refunds are provided up to 14 days prior to the first class of which you enrolled in.  This includes camp enrollment.

Refunds - minus the $39.55 (tax incl.) Gymnastics Ontario insurance fee and a $20 admin fee - will be provided up to 14 days after the first class, for the remaining classes in the session.

You may also choose to withdraw your child up to 14 days after the first class and receive a credit on your account with NO admin fee, for the remaining weeks of the session.

After week 3 of the session, there are NO REFUNDS for any reason.

If your child incurs an injury that results in not being able to return to gymnastics prior to the end of the session, a credit will be applied to your account if a medical note is provided.

Full refunds are provided up to 14 days prior to the first day of camp.

Refunds will be offered up to 7 days prior to the start of camp minus a $20 admin fee.

Switching weeks of camp enrollment is permitted up to 7 days prior to the week that you originally registered for at no cost.

Less than 7 days prior to the start of camp - there are no refunds or switching of weeks.

Parents are required to sign a waiver prior to beginning classes acknowledging the risks associated with Covid-19.

The gym will have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to opening.
All cleaning agents we use are authorized by Health Canada to disinfect against the Covid-19 virus.
All equipment and surfaces will be cleaned between classes.
All members will wash their hands frequently ie: in between rotations/events.
All surfaces - including floors, washrooms, handles, and ALL equipment will be sanitized in between classes and thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day.
There will be the use of 1 individual washroom in the lobby for our rec families to use. It will be disinfected after each use.
There will be no use of the changerooms,  all communal areas will be closed off.

Physical Distancing Measures:
We have implemented physical distancing measures within the facility which include: entering and exiting the facility, reduced time, smaller class sizes, and reduced population in the facility.
Gymnastics Ontario has provided a guideline of the number of people permitted in the gym as per the square footage of the facility.  We will be under this recommended number as well as abiding by the 50-person indoor capacity as outlined by the Government of Ontario.

Entering and Exiting:       
Before leaving your home, please complete the self assessment for Covid-19 related symptoms.    
Upon arrival, parents and children will wait on designated markers outside the facility until they are screened and permitted entry to the facility.
Children will remove any clothing (jacket, pants, etc) and give them to the parent.  Shoes may stay in the lobby.
Parents/caregivers, etc. are NOT permitted inside the facility unless you are registered in a Parent and Tot or a Parent and Kinder class. Spectators are NOT permitted at this time.
Children should arrive with their 'gymnastics clothes' on, and are permitted to bring in their water bottles.
Parents are to bring a small hand sanitizer to use on themselves and their children during a Parent/Tot class and the Parent/Kinder class.
Children will sanitize their hands upon entry to the lobby then will proceed to designated area/marker inside the gym, with their water bottle.
A the end of class, children will be dismissed individually as parents arrive to pick them up. Parents will wait outside the facility until their child(ren) are brought to them.
Parents are asked to ensure they follow social distancing protocols during pick up and drop off .
Class times are staggered in order to ensure all safety protocols and physical distancing guidelines are met.  
Time will be allotted for the proper cleaning/disinfecting of apparatus in the gym, as well as all touchable surfaces in between each class.

Prior to coming to work, staff will be screened via a self assessment tool, provided by the Government of Ontario.
Staff will be required to follow the same sanitizing and physical distancing protocols as the athletes.
As per GO directives, there will be NO spotting permitted (hands free coaching only).  
Coaches are required to wear face masks.
INSURANCE FEE:  There is a $35.00 (+ tax) fee payable annually with your registration between July 1 and June 30 of each year to register both the club and each participant with Gymnastics Ontario.  The insurance fee includes insurance coverage for each registered participant.  This is the "Auto Registration Fee" you will see when checking out.  Please note that this fee is Non-refundable.

Remember to enter the gender of your child when completing the student information page.

We reserve the right to adjust class instructors at any time.

Please note that fees listed do not include HST or the Insurance Fee where applicable.
Enrolling in Classes
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