- Make sure you complete the checkout/payment process (even if you have a zero balance due!)
- As we are already collecting next month's tuition you will be charged for both this month and next month when you register for classes.
- All students must pay an annual registration fee of $35 for Sweet Peas and $45 for Recreation. If your annual fee is due it will be added to your account after you enroll and collected with your next payment.
- While we are limiting our capacity we will only be able to accommodate Sweet Peas parents (one parent per student) in our observation areas. Parents of Recreation and Camp students will not be able to stay to observe.

Make sure you sign up for the APPROPRIATE LEVEL. If you enroll in a class that is not your child's level a staff member will remove you from that class and contact you to choose another. This may result in delays to your registration that will cause your preferred class to be full.

Sweet Peas classes are coed and for students age 2-6.
Two Peas - 2 year olds. Parent participation is required.
Three Peas - 3 year olds.
Four Peas - 4 year olds.
Five/Six Peas - 5 and 6 year olds who are not yet enrolled in 1st grade.

Recreation classes are split (boys classes are specifically marked) and for students 1st grade and up. Tumbling classes are coed and for students 5th grade and up. For Summer, students should enroll based on the grade level they are entering this Fall.
Red - This is our beginning level for new students and students transitioning from our Five/Six Peas level.
White - This is our intermediate level. Graduation from the Red level is required.
Blue - This is our advanced level. Graduation from the White level is required.
Silver - This is our elite level. Graduation from the Blue level is required.

If you have any questions please contact us - (925) 820-6885

Enrolling in Classes
Please click on the class to enroll in the class. Hover your mouse over a class to see more details about the class. Click on the tabs at the top of the calendar to view different class calendars (if any). If the class name is green, the class has availability. If the class name is red, the class is full.
Or, click here for help finding the perfect class.

Sweet Peas Classes 2021-2022Recreation Classes 2021-2022Camps & Special Events 2021-2022

12:30 - 1:10Mon 12:30 Four Peas4SV12:30 - 1:10Tue 12:30 Five/Six Peas5-6SV12:30 - 1:10Wed 12:30 Five/Six Peas5-6TP12:30 - 1:10Thu 12:30 Four Peas4SV4:40 - 5:20Fri 4:40 Five/Six Peas AM5-6AM
1:15 - 1:55Mon 1:15 Four Peas4EU1:15 - 1:55Tue 1:15 Five/Six Peas5-6RP12:30 - 1:10Wed 12:30 Three Peas3SV12:30 - 1:10Thu 12:30 Two Peas2 yrsTP4:40 - 5:20Fri 4:40 Five/Six Peas AV5-6AV
1:15 - 1:55Mon 1:15 Three Peas3RP2:00 - 2:40Tue 2:00 Four Peas4SV1:15 - 1:55Wed 1:15 Five/Six Peas5-6SV1:15 - 1:55Thu 1:15 Five/Six Peas5-6TP5:30 - 6:10Fri 5:30 Five/Six Peas5-6AV
2:00 - 2:40Mon 2:00 Five/Six Peas EU5-6EU2:00 - 2:40Tue 2:00 Three Peas3RP1:15 - 1:55Wed 1:15 Four Peas4TP1:15 - 1:55Thu 1:15 Three Peas3RP
2:00 - 2:40Mon 2:00 Five/Six Peas RP5-6RP1:15 - 1:55Wed 1:15 Three Peas3RP2:00 - 2:40Thu 2:00 Five/Six Peas5-6SV
2:00 - 2:40Thu 2:00 Four Peas4RP
2:00 - 2:40Thu 2:00 Three Peas3TP

9:45 - 10:25Sat 9:45 Five/Six Peas5-6AM
9:45 - 10:25Sat 9:45 Four Peas4AV
10:30 - 11:10Sat 10:30 Four Peas4KP
10:30 - 11:10Sat 10:30 Three Peas3AV
11:20 - 12:00Sat 11:20 Five/Six Peas5-6AV
11:20 - 12:00Sat 11:20 Three Peas3KP