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Please double check any prerequisites for your child's age group and skill level before enrolling. We are strict about keeping our students in age/developmental appropriate groups, working on skills that are as safe as possible for their ability. Coaches may move your child to a different level after the first class if they feel it necessary.
KINDERGYM (Ages 2 - 6 years)
Purple (2-3) - 2 year olds, and 3 year olds who are not yet potty trained. This is a parent participation class.
Green (3-4) - 3 year olds who are potty trained and able to attend class on their own, and 4 year olds.
Yellow (4-5) - 4 year olds with teacher approval, and 5 year olds.
Orange (5-6) - 5 year olds with teacher approval, and 6 year olds who are not yet enrolled in 1st grade.
RECREATION (1st grade and up)
Red - Beginning level. No previous experience required.
White - Intermediate level. Graduation from the Red level is required.
Blue - Advanced level. Graduation from the White level is required.
Silver - Elite level. Graduation from the Blue level is required.
Enrolling in Classes
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