FALL 2023-SPRING 2024 enrollment is now open!

After adding all classes click Checkout and follow the three-step process:
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IMPORTANT: Enrollment is not complete until you CHECKOUT
All classes will be dropped and you will be email notified the following day.

If you withdraw from a class and/or the studio, you must notify the office in writing.
All tuition payments are non-refundable.
Registration in classes is for the full year (from late August through the end of May). A withdrawal after November 15th will obligate payment of the remainder of the Fall/Spring Season's tuition.
Because the Nutcracker is performed in December, participating dancers are obligated for the entire nine months tuition.
A medically documented withdrawal (either temporary or permanent) will be accepted as a valid waiver of payment for the affected period of time.

Summer Workshop Cancellation
30 days or more from the first day of workshop: the fee is refundable. 7-30 days from the start of a workshop: 50% refund.
6 days prior to the start of a workshop: fee is non-refundable except for a medically documented withdrawal.

A $30 processing fee will apply to all DBC refunds.

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Enrolling in Classes
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