Enrolling for Season 4 - 2021-2022 - Classes Start 9/20/21!

From the menu (click 3 horizontal lines on top right of screen), choose "Enroll In My Pre-Approved Classes."  This will show you the pre-approved classes for all of your dancers.
Choose which classes you would like to enroll your dancer(s) in by checking the box on the right side of the screen, and follow through the checkout process.  Even if you are paying your registration fee via check, you must complete the checkout process.  
Your enrollment will NOT be complete until you have finished the checkout process.  

Enrolling in Summer 2021 Classes:
To enroll in a Single Class (or multiple classes without a Class Card) - From the menu (click 3 horizontal lines on top right of screen), choose "Enroll In A Class" and follow the prompts to choose your dancer, classes and checkout when your selections are complete.

To purchase a Class Card - From the menu (click 3 horizontal lines on top right of screen), choose "Buy Class Cards" and follow the prompts to choose your class card and check out.
Once you have purchased your desired class card, we ask that you pre-register for the desired class dates by requesting a drop in class.  This can be found on the menu under "Request A Trial/Drop-in Class."  Follow the prompts to choose your classes and check out.


We are now able to accept Credit Card Payments through the Parent Portal - Click "Pay Now" Below! (3.75%Transaction Fee Applies):

Alternatively, you may mail your check payable to:

      Total Eclipse Dance Studio
      11 Crescent Road
      Needham, MA 02494
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