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Message for Our Customers
Thank you for choosing to dance with The Dance Inn. Existing families/students who have danced with us already please click "Forgot Password" if this is your first time logging on. You will be emailed a password to log on with shortly.  

Full tuition is due upon enrollment.

The following is due upon enrollment:
$30.00 deposit at check out plus a one time $25.00 new student registration fee.

The following amount is due upon registration AFTER August 15, 2018:
    50% of the tuition for the year
    + $25 New Student Registration fee (a one-time fee for new students)
    + Costume Fee depending on which class(es) your child is enrolled in
    + $35 Building Munroe Fee (annual fee for the Munroe Center of the Arts)

Without payment your enrollment will be dropped within 24 hours.

Don't hesitate to contact the office with any questions, 781-863-5360.
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