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2018-2019 Weekly Class Schedule2018-2019 Auditions, Camps, Workshops & Special Events

3:00 - 4:00INTRO TO ART MINIS (Ages 5-8) Mon 3:00pm5-8TBD9:15 - 9:45TWINKLE BABIES (Ages 2-3) Tues 9:15am WAITLIST2 yrs-3Michelle H9:15 - 9:45TWINKLE BABIES (Ages 2-3) Weds 9:15am2 yrs-3Michelle H3:00 - 3:30TWINKLE STARS 2-3 Thurs 3:00pm (@ Montessori San Clemente)2 yrs-3.5RH3:30 - 4:30Beginning Group Ukulele Lessons (Ages 7+) Fri 3:30pm WAITLIST7-18Sheree
3:30 - 4:15TWINKLE STARS (Ages 5-6) Mon 3:30pm5-6Michelle H10:00 - 10:30TWINKLE STARS (Ages 3-4) Tues 10:00am3-4.5Michelle H10:00 - 10:30TWINKLE STARS (Ages 3-4) Weds 10:00am WAITLIST3-4Michelle H3:30 - 5:00KIDS TRIPLE THREAT Thurs 3:30pm (GREEN - Principals)6-8Michelle H4:00 - 6:00INTRO TO ANIMATION (Ages 10+) Friday 4:00pm10+MichelleT
4:15 - 5:15DRAWING ELEMENTS & ESSENTIALS (Ages 7-11) Mon 4:15pm7-11TBD10:30 - 11:15TWINKLE STARS (Ages 4-5) Tues 10:30am WAITLIST4-5.5Michelle H10:30 - 11:15TWINKLE STARS (Ages 4-5) Weds 10:30am WAITLIST4-5.5Michelle H3:30 - 4:30MINI TRIPLE THREAT Thurs 3:30pm (GREEN - Featured & Chorus)5-8Karen4:00 - 4:45SHOOTING STARS: HIP HOP (Ages 6-9) Friday 4:00pm WAiTLIST6-9Michelle H
4:30 - 5:30SHOOTING STARS: TAP/JAZZ (Ages 6-9) Mon 4:30pm6-9Hannah11:15 - 12:00TWINKLE STARS (Ages 5-6) Tues 11:15am WAILTIST5-6Michelle H11:15 - 12:00TWINKLE STARS (Ages 5-6) Weds11:15am WAITLIST5-6Michelle H3:30 - 4:15TWINKLE STARS Ages 5-6 Thurs 3:30pm (Waitlist)5-6Michelle H4:30 - 5:15Music Theory for Juniors (Ages 5-10) Fri 4:30pm WAITLIST5-10Sheree
5:00 - 6:00Beginning Group Guitar Lessons (Ages 7+) Mon 5:00pm (Waitlist)7-18Sheree2:30 - 3:30SHOOTING STARS: BALLET (ages 6-9) Tues 2:30pm WAITLIST6-9Amber3:30 - 5:00KIDS TRIPLE THREAT (Act, Sing, Dance) Weds 3:30pm (ORANGE - Principals)6-8Karen3:45 - 4:15TWINKLE STARS 4-5 Thurs 3:45pm (@ Montessori San Clemente)4-5.5RH5:15 - 6:00Music Theory for Teens (Ages 10+) Fri 5:15pm WAITLIST10-18Sheree
5:30 - 6:30RISING STARS: HIP HOP (Ages 8-13) Monday 5:30pm (Fortnite)8-13TBD3:30 - 4:30RISING STARS: BALLET (Ages 8-13) Tues 3:30pm8-13Amber3:30 - 4:30MINI TRIPLE THREAT Weds 3:30pm (ORANGE - Featured & Chorus)6-8Karen4:30 - 6:30JUNIOR TRIPLE THREAT Thurs 4:30pm (Yellow)7-11Amy5:30 - 6:15BEGINNING HIP HOP (Ages 10+) Friday 5:30pm WAITLIST10-18TBD
7:30 - 9:00ADVANCED JAZZ Technique (Ages 12+) Mon 6:30pm WAITLIST12+Michelle H3:45 - 4:30RISING STARS: Broadway Tap (Ages 8-13) Tuesday 3:45pm8-13Michelle H4:30 - 7:00TEEN TRIPLE THREAT Weds 4:30pm (Guys & Dolls)12-18Amy5:00 - 5:30TWINKLE STARS (Ages 3-5) Thurs 5:00pm w/MHC (Waitlist)3-5Michelle H6:00 - 7:00ROCK BAND (Ages 8-18) Fri 6:00pm WAITLIST8-18Sheree
8:00 - 9:00ADULT JAZZ/LYRICAL Technique (ages 18+) Mon 8:00pm WAITLIST18+Michelle H4:30 - 5:30BEGINNING BALLET Technique (ages 10+) Tues 4:30pm10-18Amber6:10 - 6:55RISING STARS: JAZZ (Ages 8-13) Weds 6:10pm WAITLIST8-13Michelle H6:30 - 7:15BEGINNING BROADWAY TAP (Ages 10+) Thurs 6:30pm WAITLIST10+Michelle H7:15 - 8:15ADULT HIP HOP (Ages 18+) Friday 7:15pm WAITLIST18+TBD
4:30 - 6:30JUNIOR TRIPLE THREAT Tues 4:30pm (Blue)7-11Karen7:00 - 8:15INT/ADV LYRICAL Technique (ages 10+) Weds 7:00pm WAITLIST10+Michelle H7:15 - 8:00INT/ADV TEEN TAP (Ages 12+) Thurs 7:15pm WAITLIST12-17Michelle H
5:30 - 6:30MINI TRIPLE THREAT Tues 5:30pm (YELLOW) Chorus4.5-5Hannah
6:30 - 7:30BEGINNING JAZZ /LYRICAL Technique (Ages 10+) Tues 6:30pm10+Michelle H
6:30 - 7:30SCENE STUDY (Ages 10+) Tues 6:30pm WAITLIST10+TBD
7:30 - 8:30INT/ADV TURNS & TECH (Ages 10+) Tues 7:30pm WAITLIST10+Michelle H

9:00 - 9:45TWINKLE STARS (Ages 4-5) Sat 9:00am 4-5Michelle H
9:45 - 10:15TWINKLE BABIES (Ages 2-3) Sat 9:45am (Waitlist)2 yrs-3Michelle H