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1) Register online or in person
2) Select amazing workshops and/or Events
3) Pay in person at the studio via check or credit card

Set Days                                                         Monthly Rate
1 workshop/wk                                                        $60  
2 workshops/wk                                                      $120    
3 workshops/wk                                                      $168
4 workshop/wk                                                        $224
5 workshops/wk                                                      $280
6 workshops/wk                                                      $336

A-la-Cart  /Drop-in (pre-reg & signup req'd)           Rate

1 workshop                                                           $20
4 Pack of workshops*                                             $70
10 Pack of workshops*                                           $160

Registration & workshop fees are Non-Refundable
Each month's tuition is based on a month and not the number of workshops (if there are holidays, monthly rates still apply)
Holidays and closures are included in the Monthly tuition
Payment is due on the first Saturday of each month. ? Accounts not paid by the 7th of the month are subject to a $10.00 late fee. Arrangements can be made for special circumstances.
At the studio, we accept cash, check and credit cards (+$5 added for credit cards) -