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1.   New sessions are listed under the day they meet.  If you do not see a class
      that meets your needs, please call or email to see if any sessions have just
      begun and still may have room.  Please register your child for the age they
      are at start date of class.

2.  Only SynchroBabies and BWA and Beginning 3.5y-7y old survival sessions may be
      viewed and registered for online.  

3.  Return students who  want to re register for survival or stroke classes may
     re register via email at swimbabesportland@gmail.com or call the office at
     503 786 6250 to check current openings.

4   ALL families new to SWIMBABES must pay a one time registration fee of $49.95.
     Please contact the office to set up your registration appointment. Swim Diapers
     and discs are required for SynchroBabies and Basic Water Awareness and are
     additional fees.

5.  Payment online is YOUR AGREEMENT TO ALL SWIMBABES make up and
     refund policies which can be found at this link:  

6   If you need more assistance in registering, please call 503 786 6250.  
     Or email swimbabesportland@gmail.com