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Message for Our Customers
How to DROP-IN (to weekly classes):
1) Create a "Family Account" (below) & add the "Student Name(s)".
2) ** Sign the Liability Waiver on your account page prior to your 1st drop-in **
3) Visit the front office to schedule & pay for your drop-in(s) by credit card, cash or check ("drop-ins" cannot be self-scheduled online)
4) We recommend securing a drop-in with us in advance, to ensure availability.

How to ENROLL (in weekly classes):
1) Enrollment is for the ENTIRE SEASON.
2) Create a "Family Account" (below) & add the "Student Name(s)".
3) After you log-in, follow prompts to read & sign the "Enrollment Contract" & Liability Waiver ** BEFORE enrolling.
4) Once you've signed the contract, click "ENROLL" to add classes for each student.
5) Then click "Pay Now" and finalize your enrollment. ** (Unpaid online enrollments are automatically cancelled after 24 hours).

(For enrollment in: Master Classes, Camps & Intensives, please follow "How to Enroll in Weekly Classes")

** You are responsible for knowing all of the guidelines within the Liability Waiver & Studio Policies BEFORE you start taking class with us. There is a copy of this document on our "Classes & Rates" page online **

NEED HELP? Email us (or call us during office hours), and we'll be happy to assist!     (408)446-0103

(Aug 13th - June 8th)
Mon -Thurs   3:45pm-8:30pm    |    Sat: 8:45am-12:00pm

SUMMER:   *4-weeks of summer are NOT consecutive
(June 10-13,  June 17-20,  July 8-11,  July 15-18)
Mon -Thurs   3:45pm-8:30pm

ALL students must have a family account AND must complete the online Enrollment Contract & Liability Waiver each season prior to taking class. However, only the Liability Waiver applies to drop-in students (not the Enrollment portion).

There is an annual $50 Registration Fee for EVERY student. Fitness & College ID students can see the front desk about the $15 reduced-registration (not available online). The Reg Fee renews every August, regardless of when you registered the previous season.
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