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Repetition builds success! To keep your dancer moving through our program, we recommend that EVERY dancer take at least one Ballet class, and that dancers attend 2-4 classes per week. Jazz dancers are encouraged to take Stretch & Strength/Acro-Jazz as a partner class, Contemporary dancers must take a Ballet Technique class as a prerequisite, and Ballet dancers over the age of 9 are invited to take PrePointe Strengthening to prepare for advanced levels of our Academy.

Priority in registration will be given to families with a zero balance on our Auto Payment plan. Did you know we offer Auto Debit? Take advantage of early bird deals and specials throughout 2018 by signing up for Auto Pay now. Have one less bill to pay and enjoy the convenience of taking home new retail purchases the same day! Auto pay runs on every 5th of the month! Contact the front desk for details! Or email june@strongdancestudios.com for billing inquiries(Pre-payments, etc...) (Auto payment run on the 5th of every month)

Take advantage of our season prepayment discounts! More Info to come! Refer a friend who enrolls and enjoy $10 your following month's tuition with no limit, and no expiration! Email june@strongdancestudios.com for assistance.