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Junior 3 and 4 Jazz -  Requires 1 Ballet, 1 Stretch and Technique (Lyrical Optional)
Junior 5 Jazz - Requires 1 Ballet, Stretch and Technique and Lyrical.
Junior Ballet Performance Classes: Must also be in a regular ballet technique class.
Intermediate 1, 2, 3 and 4 Jazz  - Requires 2 Ballet, Stretch and Technique and Lyrical
Intermediate Ballet Performance Class: Requires 2 ballet technique classes
Lyrical Classes: Must be in Jazz and Ballet.
Contemporary:  Jazz, Stretch and Technique, 2 Ballet, Lyrical
Musical Theatre: Must be in Junior 3 Jazz or higher, Ballet and Stretch and Technique.
Hip Hop Lines:  Must be in regular Hip Hop class, audition based.
Extreme Team Requirements
Extreme 1, 2 and 3 - Minimum 8 classes including: 3 Ballet Technique, Stretch and Technique, Jazz, Jazz Line, Contemporary and Lyrical.
Extreme 4 and 5 - Minimum 10 classes, including 3 Ballet Technique, Stretch and Technique, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Contemporary Line
Optional classes for Extreme Students -  Point, Pre Point, Tap, Musical Theatre, Ballet Performance, Hip-Hop, Contemporary.
Must be committed to 5 competitions, one of the may include travel.

Please call or email the front desk for any questions.
(780) 464-3788

Thank you!