SonDance Academy is pleased to be opening with extra precautions and safety measures in place. Our number one priority is keeping our dancers and their families safe. Please familiarize yourself and comply with the attached Safety Guidelines. A Registration Form must be completed for each dancer. All classes will be offered in person as well as virtually through our portal. Here are a few of our other general procedural changes:
? The number of classes and the size of the in-person classes has been reduced greatly to comply with social distancing guidelines. The space within which a dancer may dance have been taped onto all of the studio floors as a guide.
? Please register early to ensure you get a spot if you are wanting to attend in person classes. All classes will also be offered on zoom virtually.
? Costume fees will not be collected until November, at which time, a decision will be made as to whether we foresee the ability to have a formal recital. Any decisions will be communicated in advance of any debit of these fees so that parents can make their own determinations.
? We have not scheduled any competition classes due to the uncertainty surrounding the ability to attend competitions. If the landscape improves, we will either add these classes or decide if a regular class would like to take their piece to competition. We are offering one company class for all competition level dancers so that they can work on a more complex piece.
? All rooms are supplied with sanitation stations.
? There will be no group/partner activities and no use of props.
? Students must remain in their designated spot between classes unless they need to enter/exit the studio, move to another room, use the bathroom or get some water briefly, in which case, they must wear a face covering as they are moving around. There will be no gathering in the hallways.
If unable to adhere to all of the above, students will be asked to attend class remotely via Zoom.
 *Please note that our policies and procedures may change as the situation continues to unfold. In the event that the studio must close for in-person dance, we will attempt to hold classes virtually for those who still wish to continue classes.
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