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Shoreline Dance Academy Tuition/Costume Rates for the 2022-2023 Season
(New fee structure for 2022-2023. Please note prices have increased slightly due to rising costs as a result of the pandemic.)

Tuition Rates:
1 class 18.00/hr 72.00/month
2 classes 17.00/hr 34.00/week 136.00/month
3 classes 16.00/hr 48.00/week 192.00/month
4 classes 15.00/hr 60.00/week 240.00/month
5 classes 14.00/hr 70.00/week 280.00/month
6 classes 13.00/hr 78.00/week 312.00/month
7 classes 12.00/hr 96.00/week 384.00/month

You may add an additional class/classes over and above 7 classes a week for the rate of 12.00/hr per class.

Costume Rates:
1 class/90.00

*There is a $5.00 discount on every costume after the first class*

2 classes/ 175.00
3 classes/ 260.00
4 classes/ 345.00
5 classes/ 430.00
6 classes/ 515.00
7 classes/ 600.00
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