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1. If you have been to SGA (even if you have not taken a class before), please call us and we will issue you a password. This will prevent duplicate accounts.
2. Lake City has two gyms three blocks apart, please choose the physical location in the selection below and the session.
**26th Ave. NE, is the home of our Preschool, Girls and the Boys program.
**28th Ave. NE, is the home of SGA's competitive program, JO program/Development and the Seattle Preschool.
3. If your child has allergies, HIV, asthma, diabetes, or other special needs, please call the front desk BEFORE you register to discuss how SGA should handle your child's special situation.
4. Please keep in mind that once you sign up and pay, there are no credits or refunds.
5. Once you have created your child's account, please click on Go To This Account to fill out the waiver form.