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Welcome to The School of Performing Arts and Artist Empowered registration on-line!

Please follow the provided steps to make online credit card payments.  
If you would like to make cash or check payments, contact our
business office for further assistance by the end of the day on which you are registering 630.717.6622.

If you are a NEW STUDENT to The School of Performing Arts or Artist Empowered, please continue with the online steps and create your account and enroll in
classes.  Full balances are due at time of registration.

**Please note that class placement is determined at the time of registration based on the student's age and experience.
Instructors evaluate students during the first few weeks of class to assure proper placement. Where there is any doubt about student level, we place students in a
lower level so that the student may be advanced rather than moved back if an adjustment is required.  
If your student falls at the bottom or top of the age ranges of the classes you are registering for, please call the Business Office for a consultation to ensure that your student is placed in the correct classes.
Thank you!