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Message for Our Customers
Welcome to the San Antonio School for the Performing Arts.

Our registration fee for regular classes, inclusive of summer classes but not camps and intensives, is $70.00 once a year.  Registration is not paid for camps and intensives.   Our system is completely secure as we can not see your credit card.  However, if you don't enter a credit card prior to closing out of your registration, classes will not be kept and completed.

Remember to sign your waiver and release form and input a credit card so your registration is complete.  You can click on anything that is blue to see and understand  your family ledger.  You can also click on the ledger + sign for more detail about that charge.
Our annual recital is not mandatory but we encourage one and all to participate..

Alamo City Performing Arts Association, Inc. has all the information about the Alamo City Dance Co. and Symphony Viva.  All information regarding the school can be found at
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