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Tuition is based on the entire year of instruction and is divided into 10 equal monthly payments, August - May. Tuition includes recital fees, including costumes, for up to 3 classes.

An annual registration fee of $50 is due with the first month's tuition and is not pro-rated for students who register later in the year.  Prior to August 1st, the registration fee is discounted to $30.

The registration fee does NOT apply to camps, birthday parties, The Spin and RDC auditions.

All families who register for dance classes are automatically enrolled in the automatic payment plan and MUST have a valid debit or credit card on file in their Studio Director account. By entering a card in your account, you are giving GymBugs/Revolution Dance permission to charge the card on file for studio related charges.

Monthly tuition will be charged to your account on the 5th of each month through the month of May.

Late Payment Policy: If the on file payment method fails, an email will be sent. A $10 late payment penalty will be applied to accounts 10 days past due, and every 10 days thereafter. If payment is 30 days past due, students will not be able to attend class until the account is current.

Company Members: Your RDC monthly fee with be added by staff and
will reflect on your account on the 15th of each month, Aug - May.