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1. SIGN UP TO Register for:
2018-2019 Registration
Register first by setting up your PSPA Studio Account. Add your Child (select "Student info")  

DO NOT register for the season, as you are just taking an ONE TIME DROP IN CLASS. Register first by setting up your PSPA Studio Account. Add your Child (select "Student info")  then Use DROP DOWN Menu and pick "I would like to Register for a DROP IN - TRIAL CLASS".  Pick the class you would like to try!

3. 2018-2019 Season:  September 2018 to June 2019
- Regular Classes: All members are on Auto Pay MONTHLY with a credit card on file.
- There are a TOTAL of 36 weeks of classes from September to June. Classes begin September 4th, 2018 and run until June 2019.
- When you register in the Fall, you are making a commitment through the end of the fall semester (December 2018). If after classes for the Fall conclude you wish to continue taking classes you do not need to do anything! Your tuition and registration will automatically be charged January 1st. Please note that there are no withdrawals after January 1, 2019. If you withdraw after January 1st, 2019 deadline, you are responsible for paying the full remaining tuition for your dancer until May 2019.
- Registration is $60 for the first student and $20 for each additional family member.
- Tuition is not "monthly," rather it is divided into 10 equal monthly payments which are charged automatically on the first of each month. You are NOT paying for the weeks that the studio closed (ex: Winter Break and Spring Break). You will see your first month and last month deposit at time of checkout. If you are enrolling during the middle of a session, tuition will be prorated for the remaining weeks.
4.     Need some assistance with online registration?  No problem!
        Just give the office a call at 215- 598-8513 or 215-262-7622