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Message for Our Customers
1. SIGN UP TO Register for August & 2020 -2021 Season VIRTUAL & In House  Limited  In House & Drop-In Virtual Zoom  Online / Location Classes :

Register first by setting up your PSPA Studio Account. Add your Child (select "Student info")  

TRIAL DROP-IN CLASSES are $25 a Class. You will see a menu bar of three lines at the top left on your phone or computer screen for a drop-down list for Trial Drop-In Class.
3. IMPORTANT: DO NOT register for the season, if you are just taking an ONLINE TRIAL - DROP-IN CLASS.
4. Register first by setting up your PSPA Studio Account. Add your Child (select "Student info")  then use the DROP DOWN Menu and pick "I would like to Register for a DROP IN -  ONLINE TRIAL CLASS."  Pick the class you would like to try!  You will see your LINK for your ZOOM class next to the class you are registered for.
- Registration for trial  Drop-In  Classes No Registration Fee  
5. Limited In House Classes  - First Come First Serve  for Both August  Dance &  2020 -2021 Season
 Need some assistance with online registration?  No problem!
 Just give the office a call at 215- 598-8513 or 215-262-7622
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