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Message for Our Customers
1. SIGN UP TO Register for August Summer Workshops  & 2020 -2021 Season VIRTUAL & In House  Limited  In House & Drop-In Virtual Zoom  Online / Location Classes: $20 Reg Fee For August  Summer Workshops.

Register first by setting up your PSPA Studio Account. Add your Child (select "Student info")  

2. We are taking August 2020 Summer  VIRTUAL ONLINE ZOOM & Limited  IN HOUSE  &   DROP-IN  VIRTUAL  ZOOM CLASSES
Summer  ZOOM TRIAL DROP-IN CLASSES are $25 a Class. You will see a menu bar of three lines at the top left on your phone or computer screen for a drop-down list for Trial Drop-In Class.
3. IMPORTANT: DO NOT register for the season, if you are just taking an ONLINE TRIAL - DROP-IN CLASS.
4. Register first by setting up your PSPA Studio Account. Add your Child (select "Student info")  then use the DROP DOWN Menu and pick "I would like to Register for a DROP IN -  ONLINE TRIAL CLASS."  Pick the class you would like to try!  You will see your LINK for your ZOOM class next to the class you are registered for.
- Registration for trial  Drop-In  Classes No Registration Fee  
5. Limited In House Classes  - First Come First Serve  for Both August  Dance &  2020 -2021 Season
 Need some assistance with online registration?  No problem!
 Just give the office a call at 215- 598-8513 or 215-262-7622
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