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Registrations for 2019 Spring Classes is on-going.

-Transfers are permitted within the first 2 weeks of the session, A $10.00 fee applies.
-The registration fee is non-refundable
-Withdrawals before the session begins: 80% refund of the class fee.
-Withdrawals within the first two weeks of the session: 80% refund of the pro-rated balance.  
-Withdrawals beyond the second week of the session: no refunds.
-In the case of injury or illness, with a doctor's note: 80% refund of the pro-rated balance.
Camps, PNO, Drop In:
-The registration fee is non-refundable
-Withdrawals before the camp/PNO/Drop In  begins: 80% refund of the Camps/PNO/Drop In fee.
-Withdrawals within the camp week/PNO and Drop In day: no refund.
-In the case of injury or illness, with a doctor's note: 80% refund of the
pro-rated balance.

Phoenix reserves the right to cancel classes or camps due to unpredicted circumstances or events.

*"Phoenix Gymnastics has developed it's recreational curriculum with age-appropriate activities guided by the developmental stages of children. In a situation in which your child is unable to meet class behaviour expectations, for safety reasons we reserve the right to transfer your child to a different class, provide an additional subsidized one-on-one coach support service (dependent on availability), and/or remove your child from the class until the time they can meet the behavior expectations of a class."

Note about the St. James Improvement Fee:
Renovation are fully underway at the St. James Community Square, funded mostly through the Fee collected from all user groups as a building improvement fund (since 2016) and matched by the City of Vancouver!
This Fee will continue to be collected for 2018/19. At the time of payment, a $10 additional class fee will be added to St James classes and camps for the Fall, Winter and Spring sessions. The Fees collected will be remitted to the St. James Community Square Society to be used only for the Building Improvement Fund. Thank you for helping to make St James a better place!