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Our Spring 2019 Session ends on June 15th and our Summer 2019 Session begins on June 16th and runs thru August 24th.  Reminder that Registration Fees are renewed in Spring (or following sessions) and are good until next Spring!  

***Monthly tuition will be charged in full.  If you choose not to come to your specified class, you are still responsible for paying for that spot.  No child will be dropped from a class for the session without at least a 2 week notice given to the front desk, in writing.***

**Please review our session schedule for a second choice of class time.  If a specific class has low enrollment of 3 or fewer after the first week of classes, the class will be closed and you will receive an email to choose another class time.  We will wait to close any classes until after the first week to ensure there are no late registrations.**
Enrolling in Classes
Please click on the class to enroll in the class. Hover your mouse over a class to see more details about the class. Click on the tabs at the top of the calendar to view different class calendars (if any). If the class name is green, the class has availability. If the class name is red, the class is full.
Or, click here for help finding the perfect class.

Summer Team Training 2019Levels Off-Season 2019 (Summer)Summer 2019PEG 2019 Summer Camp

8:00 - 12:00Fire (MANDATORY)5-18Aaron8:00 - 11:00Embers (MANDATORY)5-18KK8:00 - 12:00Fire (MANDATORY)5-18Aaron8:00 - 11:00Embers (MANDATORY)5-18KK8:00 - 11:00Friday Boy's Team5-18NA
8:00 - 11:00Monday Embers - Optional5-18KK8:00 - 12:00Flame (MANDATORY)5-18Aaron8:00 - 11:00Spark (MANDATORY)5-18KK8:00 - 12:00Flame (MANDATORY)5-18Aaron
8:00 - 12:00Monday Flame - Optional5-18Kenzie8:00 - 11:00Heat (MANDATORY)5-18Kenzie8:00 - 12:00Wednesday Flame - Optional5-18Kenzie8:00 - 11:00Heat (MANDATORY)5-18Kenzie
8:00 - 11:00Spark (MANDATORY)5-18KK8:00 - 11:00Tuesday Boy's Team5-18NA8:00 - 11:00Wednesday Heat - Optional5-18KK8:00 - 12:00Thursday Fire - Optional5-18Aaron
4:00 - 8:00Monday All Training Groups - 4 hrs.5-18Kenzie8:00 - 12:00Tuesday Fire - Optional5-18Aaron4:00 - 8:00Wednesday All Training Groups - 4 hrs.5-18KK8:00 - 12:00Thursday Spark - Optional5-18KK
6:00 - 8:00High School Training13-18Aaron6:00 - 8:00High School Training13-18Aaron6:00 - 8:30Thursday Boy's Team5-18NA
6:00 - 8:00Monday All Training Groups - 2 hrs.5-18NA6:00 - 8:00Wednesday All Training Groups - 2 hrs.5-18NA