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Welcome to Penny Lane!  We are so happy to have you join our studio family.  Your complete transaction history is always available to you by clicking the Financial History button. By registering online you are electronically consenting to the following:
First payment of tuition is due upon registration and the remaining balance is due in three additional payments.  Costume payments and other dance related expenses will be billed separately.
The commitment is for THE ENTIRE YEAR
A credit card must be on file in order to take advantage of the installment plan. (You will be charged on the due dates automatically unless contacted prior to the due date.) You can make any payment at any time here through the portal. Otherwise, payment is due in full at registration.
NOTE: Dancers will be held from attending class if tuition is not paid on time. If for any reason payment cannot be processed with the provided payment information and your account remains overdue, enrollment in classes will be cancelled.
Returned check: $25.00  
Late fee of $10 per week
        Payment Plan Contract
  Our family will be paying in 4 installments
The first payment is due at registration, 2nd payment due October 1st, 3rd payment due January 1st and final payment due March 1st and will be charged on the business day closest to those dates.  
Method Of payment:
I authorize Penny Lane Dance Academy to initiate electronic payments for the balance due on my account. Any time a payment is processed I will receive an email receipt. I acknowledge that this authorization will remain in effect until the final payment..

I understand that there are NO REFUNDS or credits for missed classes and there are 3 make up classes per session. No carry-overs or transfers. I further understand that there are certain risks of physical or property damages, losses, or injury that may result from my or my childˇ¦s participation with Penny Lane Dance Academy, and I voluntarily assume the risks associated with such participation.