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Thank you for choosing O'Shea Irish Dance!
Returning Students Primary & up start last week of AUGUST
PreSchool through Beginners start one week after LABOR DAY

- Full class schedules and costs can be viewed inside the Studio Director site, there is no obligation to enroll to view these pages!  
- Registration for Beginner students is taken throughout the year.  
-We hold 1 hour Beginner classes M, W & Th, for $60 monthly, and 45 minute PreBeginner classes $40 monthly.
- For inquiries regarding placement please contact adminoid@osheairishdance.com.  

TO SEE CLASS RATES*, PREREQUISITES AND TEACHERS, MOUSE OVER CLASS TITLE.  *a "session" rate is the monthly rate for each class.

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1. Add correct & updated email address/es
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3. Designate us as "safe senders (admin@osheairishdance.com, natalie@osheairishdance.com, costumes@osheairishdance.com)
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