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Message for Our Customers
IMPORTANT!  PLEASE READ ENTIRELY BEFORE REGISTERING: If you have not yet used our online registration system, you will need to create an account.
After registering and enrolling in class, you must accept the waiver and studio policies, and then check out.  When checking out, you must enter
payment information at that time. If you are unable to enter your payment information at that time, you can log back in and add your payment information,
but must do so by midnight on the day that you selected classes.  If you do not enter payment information by midnight that night, the system will  automatically
drop you from any classes or camps you selected.  When filling in the contact info, please enter the name and contact info of both parents/guardians, unless the
student has a 2nd parent/guardian who does not live in the same household as the student.  If the 2nd parent/guardian does not live in the same household as
the student, but will have some part in the student's dance education (such as dropping of or picking up, etc), please fill out the 2nd parent/guardian's contact
info under the "edit student info" link.  Please fill in all fields, even those that are not required (second phone number, second e-mail, emergency contact, etc),
as this will better help us with studio-parent communication.  Thank you!
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