Please read the IMPORTANT information below.....

We are taking very purposeful and conscientious steps to keep our students and families safe:
-   Staff Temperatures will be taken every day.
-   Temperatures of all dancers will be taken at the door entrance before every class. We will need everyone's understanding and appreciation for ALL borderline cases. (and PLEASE understand this is to be on the safe side for EVERYONE's children) your child may not be able to attend if multiple readings confirm Temp above : 100 degF.  ***
-   Hand sanitizer will be required upon entry to the Studio and is readily available throughout.
-   Limiting class sizes to 8 for now, with 8 ft individual dance spaces to maintain appropriate distancing.
-   Dancers taking any back-to-back classes will be asked to exit the studio and wait with their guardians while we disinfect and then re-enter and be re-checked for their next class.
-   Studio Dance rooms will be disinfected between each class.
-   Bathrooms will be cleaned after each use.
-   Only dancers will be allowed in building.
-   Masks or shields for dancers will be optional.
-   Our Front desk staff will be wearing facial coverings.
-   Due to the increased floor/equipment contact, we will not be offering group Tumbling classes at this time, but tumbling privates can be arranged.
-   PLEASE keep your children home if they are not feeling well in ANY way !!!

-   Students will be checked in by our front desk staff before every class.
-   Doors will be closed once class begins. We will not be able to accommodate students who are running late, due to our safety protocol.
-   Registration is online only - no front desk registration.
-   Students must be on roster to be checked in and participate in classes.  

Please note First Payment is covering 7 weeks, from the week of Aug 17 through the week of Sept 28.  Oct, Nov, etc will follow conventional monthly payments.

Once you have completed your class registration the system will ask for payment.
Make sure your card information is up to date.
If your card is declined, you will receive a email notification, your dancer's name will be dropped from the roster. and you will be required to re-register ONLINE for your desired class/es. Please note only students on roster will be able to participate in class. NO REGISTRATION at the front door.

The teachers, staff and I are looking forward to seeing you soon!
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