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We realize that children love to participate in a vast array of activities, and as such, we have structured our enrollment on a monthly basis. Therefore, you are not required to commit to the entire dance year (September - June). If you decide to cancel your child's enrollment, please notify us in writing as soon as possible and you will no longer be charged for tuition from the date of notification. However, any tuition payments for dance classes, workshops, and dance camps, made prior to un-enrollment are non-refundable. Other non-refundable payments include registration fees, costume fees, recital ticket purchases, and any purchases of dance attire and shoes. Please do not repeat email addresses below; only enter your email once and only enter a secondary email address if it is different from the primary email address. Also, please note that if you opt-out of receiving emails from MMSD, then you will NOT receive receipts of payment, confirmation emails or emails concerning important studio news about class cancellations.