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Message for Our Customers
While we strive to create an environment where barriers to participation are removed, Merrimack Hall cannot provide a medical or therapeutic environment. The ideal student for all of our programs is someone who enjoys the arts and who understands and can follow basic instructions. Students who are not interested in our activities require coaxing to get them involved or do not respond to all attempts to engage them in our activities are not a fit for our program. Merrimack Hall reserves the right to suspend or terminate a student from participation in any or all of our programs at will and without prior notice should we determine that we are not able to meet the student's needs, handle the student's behaviors or assimilate the student into our activities without jeopardizing the enjoyment and safety of other students.

Negative behaviors, which will result in suspension or termination, including but are not limited to: violence or aggression towards others, including students, volunteers, faculty and staff inappropriate sexual conduct or touching with other students, volunteers, faculty or staff frequent crying and/or consistent frustration from the student refusal to participate or only participates with an inordinate amount of one-on-one encouragement destructive behaviors towards others or self repeated refusal to follow instructions and/or repeated attempts to leave the area where the instruction is being conducted.

Happy Days Adult Program ONLY:
To be considered for enrollment in Happy Days, interested applicants must be interviewed by our staff in addition to attending an annual parent orientation. Following the interview and based on its results, we may ask for further information such as references from teachers or others who know the applicant. Applicants for Happy Days are selected based on the following criteria:
1. Must be over 18 years of age and/or finished with formal education.
2. Must require no attendant care, including feeding, restroom needs, and hygiene.
3. Must be interested in the arts and willing to participate in all Happy Days activities.
4. Must have an acceptable level of social functioning.
5. Must not exhibit any of the unacceptable behaviors listed above.
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