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We are very excited to share what we have to offer for our Fall 2018- Spring 2019 School Year!

For Fall 2018- Spring 2019, the school year is divided into four 9 week long tuition sessions.  Once registered, your spot is saved in the class for all 4 sessions, unless you notify us you have decided to drop or change the class.

Our Summer 2018 Class Schedule and Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 Class Schedule are available online here through the studio registration portal. To view our class schedule without creating an account, or logging in, please click the Season Link below.
Tuition prices are viewable online at: http://legacyballet.com/registration/. If registering online mid-session, classes are automatically prorated for the remaining weeks by your registration date. If you need assistance changing a prorate date, please email us at legacyballet@q.com.
Please note, scrolling over a class will display class information, clicking on it will create a registration for that class.  If you need to change an enrollment date, or drop a class, please email us at legacyballet@q.com.
Each September, a once a year registration fee of $20 is also due upon registration.
Please remember, your registration is not complete and your class spot held until your tuition has been paid either online or in person at the studio.

Even though we are using the online studio portal, we are still happy to help you in the studio as well, and accept registrations there.  We are always available to answer your questions, so please contact us by phone 541-791-9078 or email legacyballet@q.com.  Our website can help provide more information about our faculty, class descriptions, dress code, performances, and more, so please feel free to visit us at www.legacyballet.com

Thank you,
Heather Hill
Legacy Ballet