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1:25 - 2:20Art Exploration (K)KBurtness1:25 - 2:20Breakdance (K)KKnowledge Breaking Crew1:30 - 2:45Full STEAM Ahead! (TK-2nd)TK-2ndTSalter1:25 - 2:20Chess (K)KAcademic Chess1:25 - 2:20LEGO Academy (TK-K)TK-KPlay-Well TEKnologies
1:25 - 2:20Basketball (TK-K)TK-KTaylor1:25 - 2:20LEGO Architecture (K)KStrategic Kids1:30 - 2:45Musical Theater (3rd-5th)3rd-5thPrince1:25 - 2:20Fitness and Agility (K)KFitness for All1:25 - 2:20Ohana Fitness (K)KHughlett
2:30 - 3:45Art Exploration (1st-5th)1st-5thBurtness1:25 - 2:20Soccer (TK-K)TK-KSekhoune1:30 - 2:45Musical Theater (K-2nd)K-2ndScott1:25 - 2:20Jiu Jitsu (TK-K)TK-KWetzel2:30 - 3:45LEGO Academy (1st-3rd)1st-3rdPlay-Well TEKnologies
2:30 - 3:45Basketball (1st-5th)1st-5thTaylor1:25 - 2:20Soccer E (TK-K)TK-KSekhoune1:30 - 2:45Pickleball (3rd-5th) - NEW!3rd-5thRising Sun Pickleball2:30 - 3:45Chess (1st-5th)1st-5thAcademic Chess2:30 - 3:45Ohana Fitness (1st-5th) *CANX*1st-5thHughlett
2:30 - 3:45Origami (2nd-5th)2nd-5thStrategic Kids2:30 - 3:45Breakdance (1st-5th)1st-5thKnowledge Breaking Crew1:30 - 2:45Soccer (K-2nd)K-2ndIGonzalez2:30 - 3:45Fitness and Agility (1st-5th)1st-5thFitness for All
2:30 - 3:45LEGO Architecture (1st-5th)1st-5thStrategic Kids2:30 - 3:45Jiu Jitsu (1st-3rd)1st-3rdWetzel
2:30 - 3:45Soccer (1st-3rd)1st-3rdSekhoune