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Message for Our Customers
Welcome to the Kids in Kilts online portal!

If you are a returning family please sign-in with the password you have used previously. If you do not remember your password, select "forgot your password" and follow the instructions to reset it.

Please be sure to:
1. Review and update information;
2. Re-enter your SOBHD # (or enter 0 if in recreational stream);
3. Enrol your dancer(s) in lessons!

If you are new to Kids in Kilts please register by following the "Click Here to register" link.

Classes for the 2020-2021 year commence on Saturday, September 12th!

Please note that payments can be made monthly (as shown in your account), by module, or in full. Please contact us for more information or click the Rates/Policies link!

The first payment is due upon registration.  Cheques (made out to Kids in Kilts) or e-transfers sent to are preferred, but cash is also accepted. Please mail your first payment to:

10 Fair Place
Winnipeg Manitoba
R2G 2G9

Or contact us to arrange an alternative.

Private/Choreography Lessons and Workshops:
To enrol in a Private/Choreography Lessons or Workshops please click: "enroll in classes," then click the season: "Private/Choreo/Workshops 2020-2021". You may select any of the classes to enroll in. If you are signing up for privates/choreography that are not in the current month, the check out will say that your balance owing is $0. The charge for the lesson is post-dated to the month that the lesson is in. You can click "View your Financial History" to see the charges.
If the private lessons listed are too long you (i.e. you need a 45 min private opposed to 1 hr) you should sign up to reserve your space, contact us, and we can adjust the length accordingly.
If you would like to book a semi-private please have one of the interested students make the booking, contact us, and we will change the class to a semi-private and register the other student.
Please note that if you are setting up a regular weekly/bi-weekly private lesson you can email us at and we will set it up for you. However, we recommend that you still try to register for the classes to reserve your spot.  
When signing up for Choreography slots please ensure that you register for all four of the series. For example, if you're registering for "Choreo Slot B," please ensure that you register for ALL 4 classes titled "Choreo Slot B".

Theory Lessons:
If your dancer was recommended to take theory in the fall, please go to the "Theory Fall 2020" season to enroll.

Championship/Premiership Lessons:
All Premier dancers are invited to attend an additional Championship/Premiership class in 2021 to further prepare dancers for Championships. Please go to the "Championship 2021" season to enroll.
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