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Message for Our Customers
Please only register for the classes for your age at the time of registration. If you register for a higher level, we reserve the right to move you to the proper level. If an instructor feels you need to be in a different level, higher or lower, they will let you know.

When registering there is a $25 Registration Fee.  
This is a once-a-year, non-refundable fee.  
No registration fee for Summer Session.  

Tuition payments are non-refundable and we do not give credits/refunds due to missing or dropping class. Your first tuition installment & registration fee is due at registration. NO credits or refunds of any kind for quitting/dropping a class for any reason before the class begins, or at any time throughout the year. If you should quit/drop class for any reason, it is your responsibility to inform Just Dance in writing with the date you quit/drop. You are responsible for any charges incurred up to that point.

Payment must be made at the end of your registration process, otherwise it is automatically cancelled at the end of the night.   

If you opt-in for recurring payments, that means that on or around tuition due dates, we will run your card on file for your tuition installment. You are responsible for updating your card when it expires. You can go online to update your card at anytime in the "edit payment information" option.
In addition to your tuition installments, your costume balance will be charged to your card on or around December 1st for Recreational classes.

We highly recommend you choose automatic/recurring payments.  This way we are authorized to run your card when tuition and costumes are due and you don't have to worry about it and can avoid any late fees.  In order to do this you would need to go to "edit payment information" and on the right hand side use the drop down to select "yes" for automatic/recurring payment plan.

Please note, if you would like to pay for the entire year up-front, the program will make you pay for your first tuition installment and the registration fee first. After that, you can go in and pay the rest of the year on a separate transaction.

If a class is FULL, the program may not allow you to register
 b/c there is another class same style/age on another night.  
So if you are not able to register for a class, please try another night.

Please refer to for all studio policies, dress codes, and tuition payment information.
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