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Message for Our Customers
Welcome to the In Motion Family!

What should my child wear to class?
All gymnasts should come to class in clothing that allows them to do gymnastics comfortably and safe.  Toddlers may wear shorts and t-shirts.  For our girls, please have them wear leotards (one or two piece are allowed) with their hair pulled back. Boys may wear shorts and t-shirts or tank tops.

How often do we come to class?
All recreational classes are once a week. Classes will be the same day and time each week. You can sign up for more than one class to fast track your students' skills.  

How long is class?
Class times range from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

If I sign up, am I committed for the year?
Our recreational program is year-round, you can sign up at any time and place your account on hold at your convenience.

How do I know which class to sign up for?
We will test your student to see which skills they have and place them in the appropriate class.

If I sign up for a class, does my child stay in that class all season?
Recreational gymnastics is always moving.  If your child learns all the skills needed to move up, they will move to the next class at that time.

When is payment due?
Payments are due the first of every month.  You can sign up for automatic payments through our online portal, pay by phone or in person each month.

Are there any additional costs?
There is an annual membership cost of $50.00 per family.  This will be due when you initially sign up but is only charged annually.

What if my child is sick?
We offer 3 sick days per season.  If you miss a class due to illness, let us know and we can schedule a make-up class.

What if my child is interested in joining the team?
Many gymnasts start out in our recreational program.  If your child decides they are interested in competing on our team, we have try-outs every year in the spring for the following season of spots are open on the team. We recommend your student attends our rec. classes two days a week to progress quicker to prepare for try outs.

Important Dates

September 2023
1st-5th- Tuition due
4th - No class, Labor Day

October 2023
1st-5th- Tuition due
31st- No class, Halloween

November 2023
1st-5th- Tuition due
20th -25th - No class, Thanksgiving Break

December 2023
1st-5th- Tuition due
23rd -January 1st- No Class, Winter Break

January 2024
2nd-6th - Tuition due
2nd - Return from break

February 2024
1st-5th- Tuition due

March 2024
1st-5th- Tuition due
26th -29th - No class, Spring Break (staff training)

April 2024
1st-5th- Tuition due

May 2024
1st-5th-Tuition due
20th-23rd- Final performance week

What to expect on your first day:
You will arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled class time begins and check in at the front desk with Ms. Sumer.
Please be sure to listen for your child's instructor to announce your gymnasts name and time so they are able to start on time (classes load up by the snack bar area).
We ask that students wear a leotard and for boys form fitted clothing. Hair must be pulled back and out of the face and no dangly jewelry.

If you have any questions regarding your students account please feel free to contact our account manager, Sumer Neff at: [email protected] or call us at: 712-256-2799

Warmest regards,
Erin Peterson
In Motion Gymnastics
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