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Message for Our Customers
Welcome to Illuminate! Creative Arts Studio!
   Happy Summer!  Check out and see what spots are left for our Summer Camps.

Camp Q & A
  Q: How to pay for camps?
  A:  For our camps, the tuition is due at the time of enrollment.  However, if you need any
       assistance or later payment date, we are more than happy to help with that.

Fall Enrollment 2019 - 2020 Q & A
  Q: When do classes begin?
  A: Classes begin on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019!

  Q: How do I enroll?
  A: 1. Set up a family account! Go to
      2. Click the red "Register" button under, New to Illuminate? Creative Arts Studio
      3. Fill out the form for your family account. Click Next.
      4. Fill out the form for your students. Read & Sign Wavier.
      5. Select the season you want to enroll in and the class you want to enroll.

  Q: Why can't I enroll in certain classes?  (Like B or Level 3+)
  A: Level B classes are our second level classes, those require a password and an evaluation
      to enroll in those classes.  Level 3+ are music classes and those require evaluation as well.  
      Please email us if you feel your student is further along than a primary level.

  Q: When do I pay for classes?
  A: Class tuition is not due until the first of the month when we begin classes in September.  
      Classes are then $10 a month until the season has ended.  However, if you wish to pay in
      advance that is okay also.

  Q: Is there any registration or extra fees?
  A: We do not have a registration fee.  However, some of our classes have a supply fee or a
      recital fee.  Those fees are explained upon enrollment when you're registering.  Such fees
      are for Music Books, Recital Costumes, Art Supplies, Production Fees, etc.  Any questions
      regarding these fees please feel free to email after you have read Welcome or Dress
      Code/Supply Emails.

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