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Registration for Summer and Fall 2017 is OPEN!

                         -Please be careful when registering. Make absolutely certain that
                          you only enroll in classes in your correct season (Non Team vs.
                          Team), otherwise the system will miscalculate your class tuition.

                         -Also note that once classes are added, the system does not allow
                          users to drop them. If you need to drop a class, please email us,
                          and we will manually remove it from your schedule.

                        -You may pay tuition at time of registration if you would like, but it
                          is not required. Full payment for the Fall 2017 semester is not
                          due until Friday, September 1st. You may register for Fall
                          2017 classes at any time, but the charges for your Fall 2017
                          tuition will not be applied to your account (in other words, you
                          will not see Fall class charges applied to your account) until
                          August 2017.

                        -To make a payment, you may either make a credit card
                         payment online, or you may mail cash/checks to:

                                           Highland Park Dance Company
                                           2651 Fondren Ave Ste 100
                                           Dallas, Texas 75206
                        -Please be sure to review all pricing information under
                         Rates/Policies in the help section of your family portal.