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Message for Our Customers
Thank you for choosing Galaxy Gymnastics & Fitness.  If this is your first time registering for a program, welcome!  If you are a returning member of our Galaxy family thank you for your continued support!  We appreciate that you have chosen Galaxy Gymnastics for your child.   

We are currently operating under the Red Control Framework.  The regulations set out by the Provincial Government allow us to have 10 athletes in our building at any one time.  In order to offer lessons and support these regulations, we have designed our program to allow for a combination of options.  We currently have semi-private, small group and specialty classes.  We will be advertising lessons 1 to 2 weeks at a time, however each class is an individual registration.  So please check back frequently to ensure you get the best options.  We do encourage you to use our waitlists if a program is full, as cancellations and reschedules do happen. You may sign up for as many waitlists as you would like.  

All children enrolled must have a valid Gymnastics Ontario Insurance.  Insurance is paid only once per year, and is valid until June 30, 2021.  If you have already paid this fee earlier this year, you will not need to pay it again.  If you have not yet paid this fee, it must be paid BEFORE your athlete can participate in their first lesson. Please note this fee is non-refundable.  

Due to COVID-19 we have had to implement various new measures.  Please know these measures are consistently changing based on the directives from our local health authorities.  Parents are required to sign a waiver prior to beginning classes acknowledging the risks associated with Covid-19.

Increased sanitization means our gym is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily.  All cleaning agents are authorized by Health Canada to disinfect against the Covid-19 virus.
All equipment and surfaces will be cleaned between classes. All members will be required to wash their hands and sanitize frequently.  All surfaces - including floors, washrooms, handles, and ALL equipment will be sanitized in between classes and thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day. There will be the use of one individual washroom in the lobby for use by your athlete.  It will be disinfected after each use by a staff member.  unfortunately, there will be no use of the changerooms and all communal areas will be closed off.

Physical Distancing Measures have also been put into place.  These measures mean our procedures for entering, exiting and moving around inside the building have changed.  Unfortunately, at this time we can not welcome parents into our facility.  You will be asked to wait outside on a physically distanced orange markings, and a staff member will greet you at the door to complete the assessment.  

We do ask that you please complete a self assessment for Covid-19 related symptoms.  If your child is not feeling well we do ask that you please remain at home.  We realize this is frustrating but a needed expectation to ensure we meet the Provincial Regulations.      

Upon arrival, parents and children will wait on designated markers outside the facility until they are screened and permitted entry to the facility.  Children will remove any clothing (jacket, pants, etc) and give them to the parent.  Shoes may stay in the lobby.
Children should arrive with their 'gymnastics clothes' on, and are permitted to bring in their water bottles, hand sanitizer and mask.  Everyone must be masked to enter and stay in our facility.  Athletes will be instructed by the coach if they are permitted to remove their masks during gymnastic activities. If you have any special requests regarding mask use during exercise please contact us.  Please do note, that masks are expected to be worn at minimal times throughout the duration of the class.  

Children will sanitize their hands upon entry to the lobby then will proceed to designated area/marker inside the gym, with their water bottle.
At the end of class, children will be dismissed individually as parents arrive to pick them up. Parents will wait outside the facility until your athlete is brought to you.
Parents are asked to ensure they follow social distancing protocols during pick up and drop off .  Class times are staggered in order to ensure all safety protocols and physical distancing guidelines are met.  Time will be allotted for the proper cleaning/disinfecting of apparatus in the gym, as well as all touchable surfaces in between each class.

Temperature Screening is in effect.  We ask that you please take your child's temperature before leaving home and record this reading as it will be asked verbally upon arrival.  Once at the facility we also ask you to take to second temperature to share with completing the assessment.  We do ask that you please bring your own thermometer from home, to ensure we can best maintain the physical distancing policies required.  If you do arrive and are not able to share a temperature reading before arriving, you may be asked to wait up to 10 minutes for us to take two temperature readings.  All temperatures will be recorded for screening and contact tracing purposes as requested by the Ontario Government and Durham Region Public Health.

We do realize that cancellations may be necessary and even encouraged.  If your child is not well, please stay at home.  If someone living in your home is not feeling well, we also encourage you to have your child stay home.  For cancellations with at least 48 hours notice, payments will be returned in the form of credit on file. Cancellation without 48 hours notice may result in loss of payment.  In the event of a government-mandated shutdown, payments will also be returned in the form of credit on file.

We also require all staff to follow self assessment tool provided by the Government of Ontario before coming to work.  Staff will be required to follow the same sanitizing and physical distancing protocols as the athletes.
As per GO directives, there will be NO spotting permitted (hands free coaching only).  
Coaches are required to wear face masks.

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