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Payment options:
WINTER/SPRING SEASON: Monthly payment plan (only by bank or credit card). TUITION IS DUE RIGHT AWAY if you sign up after the 5th of a month from Sept-June.  By registering with FSDA, you are giving us permission to withdraw tuition when due.
Tuition payments are withdrawn on the 5th of every month (or the next business day). No drops after March 1.

Semester or full year tuition is discounted 5% and accepted by check, cash or Money order. Credit card is accepted without the discount. You must choose log out when it
prompts you for your banking information in order to complete enrollment AND SEND FSDA AN EMAIL TO ADJUST YOUR ACCOUNT TO SEMESTER OR FULL YEAR PAYMENTS.

If you enrolled and changed your mind and/or we still have your payment information
on file, you must contact FSDA (in writing or email) to remove it or you will get charged. No phone calls please.