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Welcome to the Elite Dance Academy On Line Enrollment Portal.  
Please note the following items concerning Enrollment:
-All students will need to be evaluated and have received Evaluation Report Card BEFORE enrolling on-line.
-Only classes available in your student's age range will show.
-Students may only enroll in classes in their approved level and lower-all enrollments will be reviewed for approval.
-You may only complete enrollment for this season ONE TIME.  
  *If you need to make any changes you will need to contact the studio.  PLEASE DO NOT GO BACK AND MAKE ANY CHANGES ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE ENROLL PROCESS.
-If this is your first time using Elite On-Line Enrollment you will need to create a password.  To do so: enter the email you gave us during your registration and click 'Forgot Password' and follow directions to set up password for the first time or recall forgotten password (reset).
-Please use links under the 'My Classes' tab ONLY
-Please DO NOT CHANGE or click anything under the 'My Account' tabs or change any personal information or add photos to your account.  See the front office if you have changes and we will take care of them.
-There is a $10.00 Enrollment Fee due for EACH student.  This is due with September tuition. There is no on-line payment through this system available at this time-please remit payment directly to the studio front office.
-Please refer to the Elite Tuition chart to determine your tuition rate - the Balance Due amount shown here is likely incorrect.  See the front office for your new rate.
-If your student has been approved for a class where your child does not meet the age requirement,  the system may not show the class or let you enroll.  See the office, we will have to assist you with enrollment for those classes.
-Some classes have prerequisites, students will need to be enrolled in any prerequisite classes required in order to remain in the class. See below for general studio prerequisites.
     All Lyrical classes require enrollment in Ballet and Jazz.
     All Contemporary classes require enrollment in Ballet.
     Ballet levels 4-5 require enrollment in 2 Ballet Classes.
     Ballet levels 6-9 require enrollment in 3 Ballet Classes.
     Pointe 5-7 Classes require enrollment in 2 additional Ballet Classes.
     Pointe 8-9 classes require enrollment in 2 Ballet Classes and 2 Pointe classes.
     All Jazz classes level 4 and up require enrollment in Ballet.
     All Tumbling classes require enrollment in a Ballet or Jazz class.
-Some classes may fill up and you may be placed on a wait list.  Please keep in mind that enrollment is 1st come, 1st served.  This will also include enrollment turned in to the office, so some adjustments may be made following enrollment.
-Dancers participating in our Team program will not be able to enroll in any Team classes (Team Tech or Choreography classes)-See office to enroll in all Team classes.
-All Enrollment will be reviewed for proper class/level placement and class prerequisites.