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Welcome to DDC's Online Registration & Tuition Payment System!  PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY:  
If you have taken classes with us before, EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT PRE-REGISTERED,
please login using the email that you have on file with us, AND THEN CLICK THE "FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD?" BUTTON
AND CREATE A PASSWORD, if you forgot your password.  Then you will be able to register for classes unless there are pre-requisites,
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go ahead and create a new account on the right hand side below.  Please understand that if you register for a class without entering payment info, the system will drop the registration.  YOU ARE NOT CONSIDERED REGISTERED UNLESS YOU CHOOSE A CLASS (or have the DDC Office put you in a class) and take care of the payment info in your online account.

It is our goal to provide our students and their families with the best dance training AND customer service we can.  
Hopefully, you will find this system easy and convenient!  Please let us know what you think!

Happy Dancing!

Lisa Racina-Torre

REGISTRATION OPEN HOUSE for DDC's 30th year of bringing dance to Denton, is August 11th from 4-7pm and August 12th from 10am-1pm!  Stop by the studio and meet our instructors, have some tasty snacks, and learn more about our DDC Family!  Our BACK-TO-SCHOOL INTENSIVE will be Aug 7-Aug 10 and offer Intermediate and Advanced levels of Ballet Technique from Professor Kihyoung Choi (formerly with South Korean National Ballet, PhD from TWU, and currently the head of the dance dept at Tarrant County College), and Intermediate and Advance levels of Modern Technique from Ms. Rachel Wade, (Director of Dance at Arlington Heights High School, and former DDC student and instructor.)

We have a "jam-packed" year planned for our students and look forward to having the opportunity to assist you in your dance journey!

In dance,

Lisa Racina-Torre
Enrolling in Classes
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4:45 - 5:30(4) Tap ages 8-109-10ABS7:30 - 8:30(25) Beg-Int Adult Ballet DO NOT ENROLL18+FS4:35 - 5:35(28) Jazz III8-10ABS3:45 - 4:30(55) Bal/Tap Combo Ages 4-5 4-6ABS4:30 - 5:30(46) Contemporary II10-12BA
6:15 - 7:00(8) JAZZ of Bal/Jazz Combo 7-9 Mon7-9ABS6:15 - 7:00(41) JAZZ of BALLET/JAZZ Combo Ages 6-86-8JQ5:30 - 6:30(56) Jazz IV/V ages 11-1410-14ABS4:35 - 5:35(37) Tap IV10-13ABS5:30 - 6:30(48) Contemporary IV/V10-13BA
5:30 - 6:15 (5) BALLET of Bal/Jazz Combo Ages 7-9 Mon7-8AN7:00 - 7:45(26) Intermediate Hip Hop Tue11-15JQ6:30 - 7:30(33) Tap VI/VII12+ABS5:30 - 6:15(29) TAP of Bal/Tap Combo 6-86-8ABS6:30 - 7:30(50) Contemporary I ages 9-109-11BA
3:45 - 4:30(60) Bal/Tap Combo 4s Mon4-5FS7:45 - 8:30(34) Advanced Hip Hop14+JQ3:00 - 3:45OFF SITE Bal/Tap Ages 3-53-5.5FS6:15 - 7:00(27) BALLET of Bal/Tap Combo 6-76-8AN4:30 - 5:30(47) Pointe II/III11-14LR
7:00 - 8:00(7) ADULT TAP SESSION (Do Not Enroll)18+FS4:35 - 5:35(15) Jazz IV9-11KM4:45 - 5:30(71) Ballet for Ages 6-85-8JR8:00 - 9:00(44) Beg-Int ADULT JAZZ DO NOT ENROLL17+FS5:30 - 6:30(49) Pointe I/II10-14LR
8:15 - 9:15(9) OPEN Studio D18+FS5:30 - 6:15(18) BALLET of Bal/Jazz Ages 8-10 Tue8-10KM5:30 - 6:15(30) Ballet/Tap Combo 4-5 Wed4-6JR5:30 - 6:30(39) Jazz V11-14KM
4:30 - 5:15(63) Mini Hip-Hop (ages 6-8)6-9JQ6:15 - 7:00(20) JAZZ of Bal/Jazz ages 8-108-10KM6:30 - 7:30(21) Beg-Int Teen/Adult Ballet Performance10+JR7:00 - 8:00(11) Contemporary VI12+KM
5:30 - 6:15(23) Beg Hip Hop (ages 9-11)8-11JQ5:30 - 6:30(19) Pointe IV/V12+LN3:35 - 4:35(1) Ballet III/IV (B)9-10LR8:15 - 9:15(13) Contemporary VII14+KM
6:15 - 7:00(70) Beg Hip Hop (ages 9-11) BEGINS SEPT 11th8-11JQ6:30 - 7:30(24) Pointe VI/VII13+LN4:35 - 5:35(2) Ballet V (A)10-13LR3:35 - 4:35(14) Ballet IV (B)9-11LR
7:00 - 8:00(43) Jazz VI12-15KM3:35 - 4:35(14) Ballet IV (B)9-11LR4:35 - 5:35(53) Ballet V (B) Thu11-14LR
8:15 - 9:15(45) Jazz VII14+KM4:35 - 5:35(17) Ballet V (B)11-14LR5:30 - 6:45(38) Ballet VI Thu12+LR
3:35 - 4:35(1) Ballet III/IV (B)9-10LR5:30 - 6:15(40) BALLET of BALLET/JAZZ Combo Ages 6-86-8TM6:45 - 8:15(42) Ballet VII Thu14+LR
4:35 - 5:35(2) Ballet V (A)10-13LR
5:30 - 6:45(6) Ballet VI Mon12+MR
6:45 - 8:15(10) Ballet VII Mon14+MR

9:45 - 10:30(52) Bal/Tap Combo 4-5 Sat4-6KJ
9:30 - 11:00(51) DCCB Company Class13+LR