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Fall/Spring 2018/19 classes are now open to registration.  Classes will start the week of August 13th, 2018.  When you register for these classes you will pay a $60.00 registration fee along with a 1/2 month tuition deposit.  Your first month tuition will be August, 2018 or the month in which you register.  Email us if you prefer to pay by the semester with a 5% discount or pay the whole year up front with a 10% discount.  These discounts only apply if you register for starting in August. If you register for unlimited classes (6 hours or more) the discounts don't apply.

Class times/and or days may change due to teacher availability or low enrollment for a class.  There are no refunds allowed. Make-up classes are allowed until January 31, 2019.  We will email you if there are any changes necessary.