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Welcome to Danswest !   Our fall session for 2017 will be August 14-December 23.      
Danswest Dance Company auditions will be July 28 and 29.   Fee is $5 for the audition. Please call for information.

You must enroll for auto pay--- tuition will be auto billed at the first of each month. The registration fee is due AT THE TIME OF ENROLLMENT to ensure your place in class. August tuition must by paid by August 1.  

 Our studio policies and dress code can be found at the Studio Policies tab on the website. Please read these before signing the on line waiver.   If you are signing up for more than 6 classes, you can get an unlimited rate. Please call so we can adjust the posted tuition to reflect this  
Call if you have additional questions.  Thank you for your business  520  721 9477