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YOU MUST COMPLETE CHECK OUT IF YOU WANT TO SAVE ENROLLMENT.  This includes going all the way to the 'ACCEPT' tab even if you have a zero balance due or are making a payment at the studio.  You can select 'pay at the studio' and do not have to have a zero balance but if you do not complete the checkout process to the 'ACCEPT' tab you will be dropped at 2 AM.  Please email gina@danceunlimitedbuda.com with questions.

To view the breakdown for amount due select the 'View Financial History' tab.  The amount in the 'next 30 days' often includes next month's tuition.

Please email info@danceunlimitedbudatx.com if you have any questions regarding classes.

Please email GINA@danceunlimitedbuda.com if you have any account questions.