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Welcome To Your Homepage at Dance Theme!
DT is going GREEN!!  If you would prefer to register in person at the DT office, our staff would be happy to assist you with the online enrollment process.
Important Dates:
Feb 19-24       Viewing Week
March 25 Spring break commences     
April 2 Classes resume    
April 8 Spring Short Term programs commence
April 16 VIP registration begins for 2018/2019
May 1 Public registration begins for 2018/2019
May 14 Year-End Recital tickets go on sale
May 21         Victoria Day - Classes as usual
May 26-Jun 1 Picture Week
June 9 Year-End Recital at Jubilee Auditorium  
June 12 or 13 Student Appreciation Day!
January Start program information and fees:
Registration Fees:
$20 - 1 student
$25 -  2 family members
$30 - 3 family members
Once you have enrolled into your choice of class(es), you are required to pay the applicable registration fee as well as any outstanding fees or the system will automatically cancel your registration. Visa or Mastercard is an accepted method of payment for all online registrations.  Please note the system will NOT accept any VISA/DEBIT cards.
IMPORTANT: To finalize your enrollment and reserve the new classes, you must continue through the next steps and get to the THANK YOU page. This is true for everyone including existing students.
If you are unsure of what your monthly tuition will be, please do not hesitate to contact the office.
Methods of Payment for Monthly Tuition:
*Postdated Cheques (February 1 to May 01, 2018)
*Authorized Credit Card (DT will process your monthly tuition on the 1st of every month commencing February 1, 2018) You will be responsible to make payment for January & June tuition.
If you are paying monthly by Credit Card, an authorization form needs to be completed. (Authorization forms need to be completed annually).

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