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* Registration required for Camps & Kids Night Out, no drop-ins.
* NEW ENROLLMENT/ ADDING A CLASS or CAMP - The current cc on file has to be confirmed. Shopping cart will be automatically cleared by the system after midnight updates on unpaid charges. An e-mail receipt with payment or promo code use completes all transactions.
*  All  agreement boxes need to be checked on the waiver page.
*  Continuous enrollment classes are on-going in Bright Horizons, Stepping Stone School, Xplor, & Abacus School locations in the tab/Season labeled "On-Site Schools", 30-day drop notice required. Fall 2017 registration fee will be collected.  Drop notice deadline is April 1, 2018 for leaving before the Spring recital.
*   You may only ADD classes through your family account; TRANSFERS and DROPS must be processed by Dance Discovery office staff.