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Message for Our Customers
⭐️ We are so excited to welcome you to our Studio Family!⭐️

Once you're registered you'll be able to get on a wait-list for a Class, enroll in a Class or Camp, pay for your Private Coaching, Lesson, or Consultation, as well as access your Private Account at any time!

▶︎ To Register for the first time:
1. Click on the "Register" Button below.
2. Enter your information on the first page and create a new Password (remember this for next time you log in!)
3. Enter the student's information on the second page.
4. Click "Search/Enroll in Classes."
5. Read over our Policies and click the "I Accept" box at the bottom of each section.

▶︎ Once you are registered - on the Enrollment Page - to be added to the waitlist or register for a Class or Camp:
1. Look over the information for each class.
2. Click the "Add to Waitlist" Button under the red title of the class you want to enroll in. (If the class has an opening the title will be in green and you will see a "Register" button.)
3. On the next screen where it says: "Are you sure you want to enroll (YOUR NAME) in (NAME OF CLASS)?" Click YES - but you will NOT BE ENROLLED OR CHARGED, you will be ADDED TO THE WAITLIST unless you clicked the "Register" button - see step 4.)
4. If you clicked the "Register" button then you will see this message on the next page: "IMPORTANT: enrollment is not complete until you CHECKOUT." Click the CHECKOUT button and follow the prompts on the following pages to enter your payment information and check-out.
5. If you clicked the "Add to Waitlist" button, you will see a confirmation that you have been added to the waitlist on the next screen, and you can drop yourself from the waitlist on that screen if you change your mind!

On your Account Page, you can edit Student Info and please upload a Headshot if you have one!

⭐️Just as soon as a spot becomes available we will contact you! ⭐️
⭐️If you registered for a class, we will send you an email before the class begins with first-class information.⭐️
⭐️Once you are enrolled in the class, your enrollment rate and your spot are yours forever as long as you remain in the class or on "Break Status"!⭐️
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