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***Welcome! If you are registering for the Fairy Festival on Jan 12, 2018, please do so. You will not be charged to register for the Fairy Festival***

Dance Class Registration Info
We are now offering an all-inclusive, simple, easy, convenient payment structure. No more stressing about all the different costs associated with dancing. We are now offering an amazing dance experience included in the monthly payment.

This new structure will include:
*Applicable Registration Dues
*Monthly tuition
*Professional, Gorgeous Costumes (new costumes for the December and June shows)- 1 costume per semester per class
*Recital Fee

Bonus items now gifted to our students when enrolled for the entire year (if enrolled July- June):
*Beautiful leotard for each student
*Tights for classes that require tights
*Recital DVD
*Recital T-shirt/Tank

Pricing Structure is:
1 hr/wk $79/month
2 hr/wk $133/month
3 hr/wk $167/month
4 hr/wk $197/month
5 hr/wk $227/month
6 hr/wk $263/month
7 hr/wk $289/month
8+ hr/wek $299/month

Pricing is per student. If you have more than three students dancing in your family, please call us for your customized pricing.

All students are auto-enrolled into each successive session and are charged on the first of each month accordingly. This includes enrollment in July and the following session. If you will not be returning for the following session, written notice must be received by June 1. 30 days written notice for any other withdrawals. No refunds or returns for any reason. If a student withdraws before the recital, he/she forfeits all costumes, dvds, recital shirts, and any other bonuses.

Thank you for registering on-line! Your spots in the classes listed above have been reserved. We'll hold your reservation for 5 days without payment. To secure your registration, please pay online.

If you have any questions, or would like to make additional changes, please contact the studio directly:

      E-mail: centrestagedancestudio@msn.com
      Phone: 520-498-0093
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