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Welcome to Connie Parsons School of Dance!

You can now register through our customer portal & conveniently complete your registration with credit card payment online.  We accept Visa, Mastercard & Discover.

All former/current students of CPSOD are already in our system.  Do not create a new account unless you are a NEW student of CPSOD.  If you are already a student but have not used the online registration system yet, simply enter your email we have on file and use the "forget your password" link to proceed.

Registration for recreational classes & adult classes is OPEN to everyone.  Please chose the most appropriate class based on age and level.  

Registration for Intensive Dance Divisions is by audition only and requires a PASSWORD which will be sent out to families in this program.

Registration for Examination classes is open to all students able to participate at the appropriate level.  Recommendations/Invitations to the program have been sent out via mail.  Contact the studio for placement advice & to received the password for the appropriate level in order to register online.

Loyalty program discounts & payment set up for families in multiple programs (Intensive Dance Division, Examination Program, Recreational Classes, Competition Team, etc.) must be calculated through the studio office manually.

Please contact the studio office at 709-754-2290 or info@cpsod.com if you require assistance with your registration or payment.