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Thank you for visiting our dance school website! This is the enrollment portal. By entering your contact information, you are beginning the formal registration process for classes with Ballet On Wheels. Parents are required to have a credit card on file.

Please follow these simple steps to start dancing:

1.          Enter family contact information.

2.          Enter student contact information.

3.          Enroll for classes; Select the appropriate class based on  
             age. For students ages 9 and up, please consider any relevant dance
4.         Pay fees using the secured online payment processing
            portal. Payment of the registration fee will secure your child's spot in
            class. You MUST make a payment in order to reserve your space in
            class. If you need to make other arrangements, please call us directly
            @ 901.870.4348.

5.         A follow up confirmation email will be sent to you regarding your class
            selection(s). Retain your login and password for future account access.

            We look forward to working with you this dance season!