At Seattle Gymnastics Academy, kids play, learn, and compete in ways that make them stronger, healthier, and more self-assured. In gymnastics and in life, we'll help them get there with a little more fun, a little more skill, and a little more confidence.  

To better serve our families, we offer Continuous Enrollment:
1. Easy Registration. Once registered, classes begin immediately.  Class enrollment is continuous and you will remain enrolled each month until you submit advanced written notice to drop your class enrollment. (Example: Notice must be submitted by September 1 to end classes September 30.)
2. No hassle transfers. Currently enrolled students may move to a different class or day/time, as space is available.
3. Automatic payments. Smaller, manageable monthly payments processed on the 20th of each month for the following month's tuition. (Example: September classes are billed on August 20th.)
4. Lifetime registration fee. Families only pay a one-time registration fee of $55.
5. No surprises. The monthly tuition is based on an annual average so your automatic payments stay the same each month.
6. No worries. Can't make it to class? We offer Gym Time and Indoor Playground for currently enrolled students, at no additional charge.
7. Progressive gymnastics. Your child's progress will be tracked by their instructor throughout the year. When your child accomplishes the proper skills, your child's instructor will notify the front desk and we will work directly with you to schedule your child's new class.

We Want to Talk to You!
If this is your first class enrollment with SGA, please contact our Member Services Staff directly at (206) 782-1496 so we can personally assist you in finding the right class placement for your child.

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